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Podcast Fledgerr

June 16, 2021 By Stephan

Listen to th podcast of Fledgerr Fledgerr is revolutionizing the private investment market! Follow the progress of this awesome startups. Join now and become a […]


March 19, 2021 By Stephan

The BOOSTER IGNITION is a 4 days intense workshop where startup founders and team focus success launch or pitch to investors. In 4 days we […]

Presentatie TimeSteps

December 8, 2020 By Stephan Programma; 15.45-16.00 u. Aanmelden en inloop 16.00 u. Welkom met Lisa Ké 16.05 u. Tim: Het onderzoek 16.40 u. Lisa Ké – Dicht bij […]