Boost the SDG ecosystem

October 4, 2021 By Stephan

Boost the SDG ecosystem


The world is a burning platform, and we are drowning in bureaucracy and putting commercial interests above human needs and exceeding our ecological ceiling. The time to act is now! If we don’t change our behavior and the way we do business, we won’t achieve our SDGs. We need disruption from innovative startups and scale-ups to achieve the SDGs and accelerate our transition to a circular economy.



Making a positive impact by connecting startup & scale-ups with investors, launching customers and governments. An inspiring networking event where we generate energy for concrete deals and scalable solutions.


During the Boost the SDG Ecosystem event, we will discuss best practices on how we can work together between stakeholders and improve the SDG impact 🤝

For this, Pieter Lems will speak on behalf of Nationale-Nederlanden,one of the largest insurance and asset managers inthe Netherlands. We also have Startup Pitches from:

🌱  Orenda Learning : An  impact-driven social enterprise that guides young people, educators and the community in best practice service.
🌱  Made with Maude: A startup that stands for equal rights, opportunities and above all sustainability.
🌱  Orbisk  : A food waste monitoring system that enables the world to reduce food waste, by making progressive technology available for daily use.
🌱  Seenons: A tech company that uses IT solutions and smart logistics to enable more sustainable solutions for waste and to take steps towards a circular economy together.


This event is a collaboration to bring stakeholders together in a circular coalition. We are joining forces to work together to accelerate progress towards the SDGs and a transition to a circular



Give the SDG ecosystem a boost!
We believe that now is the time to switch to a circular economy. Start making a positive impact by connecting corporates, startups, scale-ups, experts, investors, launching customers and governments and creating concrete deals and scalable solutions. Our goal is to work together on targeted projects on specific chosen SDGs. This event was created by Entnest, PHI factory and Boost your startup


Come to our event on October 12th.




Entnest is a swiss, only accessible by invitation, all-in-one digital platform for the entrepreneurship ecosystem. Our mission is to nurture trusted human collaborations for more local and global impact and success.


Phi Factory;

PHI Factory empowers organizations to bring circular ambitions to the practice using our PHI Approach.

With our building blocks we provide an approach that fits your organization and the phase in which you find yourself. Are you looking for concrete circular ambitions? Or ready to translate it into a practical roadmap? Map out where you as an organization can make the most positive environmental impact with our PHI Impact Calculator. Or create a real circular coalition with all your chain partners!


Boost your startup
Boost your startup is a technological platform (ecosystem) for purpose and social impact driven startup, experts and over 1800+ investors.

The boost your startup platform, which helps startups grow, has already assisted promising startups in a short time. Thanks to the special guidance program and data-driven program, startups are funded and through the network and use of social physcis, the startups grow faster