Booster Ignition #4

October 17, 2021 By Stephan

In December we have a new funding round. This accelerator is for purpose and impact-driven startups. You will pitch for 1800+ investors 

How it works; 

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In the weeks till pitchday we have a weekly meeting with all startups;
> The PULSE.
At the PULSE;

  • We build together the pitchdeck and the online pitch + presentation.
  • we do a heads-up about successes, status, strategy, execution and biggest challenge (everybody in the PULSE can hep with the challenge with their network or …

> We have a rehearsal pitchday with experts.

On the pitch event you pitch for 3 minutes.
Then 5 minutes interview and after that Questions from the investors.
In our network we have 1800+ (angel) investors, syndicates, VCs etcetra..

So if you run a purpose and impact-driven startup join the Booster Ignition program.

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