Investors Fund structure


A short introduction to Boost your startup
We build and create a healthy and balanced eco-system for purpose driven ideas to make global impact.   
Focus and elicit value for People, teams, organizations, society, and earth.   
On given all side equal attention and consideration and focus on making global impact and growth. Under the platform we have built a dashboard on crowd engagement, expansion and 72 metrics of epiphany for funding. The Pulse and mentoring give full attention to the founders.

Of purpose driven start-ups, experts and inventors collaborate, contribute, share insights and ideas and energy to grow as function as an Exchange Network.

We want to create a syndicate or fund of investors which we can provide value and higher quality for investment through our platform.
Through our strategy and data we have more insights and predict better the performance and capabilities of the startups.
Beside, one of the best aspects of angels and investors is that the can collaborate on the platform with their expertise and network.
So they have several roles on the platform additional to the fund.


“Boost your startup!”   BYS!

Unlocking the potential of purpose-driven ideas and startups to make a global impact. 


We do this to create social impact, financial return and to grow and sustain an ecosystem that is balanced and healthy.


The first phase of the BYS! journey ends when the startup wants to pay you investor/ expert or board of advisor for your know knowledge, experience, or network. 

This signals it is their time to exit Boost your startup


In between; 

We created a healthy and balanced environment where every expert can contribute and collaborate with startups on our platform. 


We monitor and coach the start-up on 3 levels;

  1. Crowd engagement and collaborations
  2. 72 – metrics to funding readiness
  3. Founder attitude 

We provide you the opportunity to directly invest in a BYS! Start-up


For your direct investment, we ask for a 5% transaction fee, in addition we invite you to join join our #BYS open fund to invest 5% or more. The #BYS Open fund will invest in all BYS start-ups and Alumni.


Make ROI

Make social impact

And Be special