Welcome purpose and impact-driven project/ product owner or startup founder

This page helps you to create more engagement and the right energy to grow your network and build your project, idea or startup to the whole world.

In the video you see our founder Stephan Bosman. He has build 5 fast growth high performance  organizations and learned all about the power and reach of energy.
He helps you to grow on your purpose and social impact-driven idea with social physics.


Stephan uses energy, fans, challengers and reference cases as the basics for growth.

Challengers are your inner circle and ambassadors who challenge you to become better and you can challenge them.

Fans are the people who believe you. 

Reference case; customers who received sygnificant value, you build a business case together and they are your advocates.


The most valuable asset we have is Time.
On the right you see our formula of success.
The most important element in this formula to success is Time. When you reduce Time with a clear message and fully empowered by your purpose and bringing value. Your message will resonate with your network and help you to grow much faster. 

1. Summary; Upload a personal video.

Video gives people the possibility to engage and build a relationship with you. People will know you.

Start with your WHY video. Your purpose and your solution/ project/ startup. Tell the crowd why this is so important for you and which value you bring.
Put in your mission and vision short in the summary.


When your message and mission is clear People will feel energy of your purpose and become fan or they want to give back energy by the button Energize.

Energize means that they give their valuable Time with energy like; their skills, experience, network or money. 



Post weekly video updates on your biggest successes.
1. Why this success is so important for you and your mission/ project.
2. Tell them where you are at your roadmap. Did you make progress.
3. Put in your biggest challenge in the next. Invite people to contribute or collaborate.
People will start to become FAN and interact throug the Energize with skills, network, experience or money.

On the right you see an example of received energy

3. Your first Challenges are;

1. Build your profile start with the why and the guidelines are attached in the Onboarding. 


2. Engage and invite all you friends, colleagues, family and other great people of your network. 

Invite them them to become fan. 


3. Focus on your growth and need!

Edit your energize with how much many you need (always put in a minimum of €1 and the check the boxes which you need; donate, bundle of resources and/ or do the work. 


Enough for now to start to boost your startup. In our meeting we take you to the next level and setup interviews and the pulse. 


If you have any issues? Please drop a message.