We build an eco-system for purpose and impact-driven startups, experts and investors. Everybody can follow, become fan, contribute and collaborate with each other through our technology driven platform.


Our number one vision of success. 
Success is growth.
Growth of customers and employee. The most important element you have to influence as a startup to be more successful then others is th element of Time. That’s why we use social physics to grow fast and create asap LOIs.


Our baseline in the platform is build of many metrics to help the startups to validate and create insights and learn, and from there to grow.

We are very happy to present to you over 100 experts in different areas, partners and over 1800 investors.

Maartje Broekmans bio:


Maartje is our partner in legal, brand and privacy/GDPR

  • True business partner.
  • Entrepreneurial mindset with a taste for trademarks, branding, marketing and communication.
  • Experienced in implementation of Privacy laws in multinational setting.
  • Result driven through a pragmatic and creative approach.
  • Big Picture – thinker.
  • Gained experience at corporate level, as well as in operating companies, close to the business. Held positions in the FMCG and high-tech industry. Understands the specifics that go with legal support in B2C and B2B markets.
  • Proven ability to work in an international environment, manage politically complex files and lead multi-jurisdictional projects.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Shows sensitivity to cultural differences. Looks for and achieves consensus and results. Builds strong teams and takes pride in developing team members.