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June 16, 2021 By Stephan

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The reason why we are doing it is that we have experienced all of the problems we solve ourselves. Starting with having struggles to attract funding, having difficulties investing in promising startups, and ending with being part of the company where employee recognition was never at an adequate level. Our solution solves the pain of 3 different target groups:


Investors – Private Investing is complicated from many perspectives:

· There is a lack of information about companies which often leads to missed opportunities.

· As for retail investors, it is almost impossible to invest in private companies even though investing in those brings the biggest ROI.

· Limited Exiting Options (Acquisition or IPO) makes it unappealing to own private stock. It can take you 10+ years to finally get your return.


Startups  – A lot of time and effort is spent on raising funding, instead of focusing on the growth of the business itself. Without having an extensive personal network, it can take a huge amount of time to finally get funded.


Employees – Those who are building the actual value in the company never have a chance to actually own a piece of that value.