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sales & marketing digital value

This day-long supplement program is a high energy program to become continuously successful with sales and marketing.

No more holes in your pipeline. Predictable sales and really understand what your customers need at what time to be able to decide.
No more vague words as a suspect or prospect but really qualify at what stage your future customer is and what it needs to help him buy.

Where key players of the organization participate or where you as an entrepreneur look at the values and standards within your organization. The goal is to create an effective funnel sales and marketing of the organization.



1. Start with meditation,
2. What is the PPPS
3. Core customer and KIA
4. Closing sales & marketing funnel
5. What is the 6R and why does this always work?
6. You help your customer buy with neuromarketing and through the head, abdomen, heart and head again

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digital value
145,00 ex BTW
  • dag retraite met yoga + meditatie
  • Ontbijt & lunch & bites + drinks
  • workshop sales & marketing digital value
  • Volledig opladen in inspirerende omgeving

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