Startups structure

Every startup can register themselves on our Platform. Your first challenge is to create as much as engagement with your pitch, summary and your invites to gain fanbase to stay on our Platform. When you create engagement it proves that you belong on the platform be funded. 

Weekly and monthly you have a heads-up with your mentor and the board.

The PULSE is our (2) weekly moment where you broadcast live your heads-up with your fans and challengers.
It includes the;
1. Successes
2. Status and progress of the roadmap
3. Strategy
4. Execution
5. The Challenge

We measure the progress on 4 elements;

  1. Crowd engagement
  2. Deliverables on the 4 Steps of Epiphany
  3. Expansion
  4. Performance of the founders

A short introduction to Boost Your Startup
We build and create a healthy and balanced eco-system for purpose-driven ideas to make global impact.   
Focusing and eliciting value for People, teams, organizations, society, and earth.   
Giving all sides equal attention and consideration and focusing on global impact and growth. Under the platform we have built a dashboard on crowd engagement, expansion and key metrics leading to funding. The Pulse and mentoring give full attention to the founders.

Startups funded 2021 in program 12
startups 73%
Startups build with LOIs
startups 100%