The presentations of our speakers Boost the SDG ecosystem event 08-02-2022

February 16, 2022 By Stephan

You want to look back or did you miss the event? Hereby the  video of the full event and the presentations per speaker
The five inspirational speakers were;

  • Pieter van Osch (ScaleUp Impact): In his 15-minute talk, you will learn how to practically support your SDGs in daily business using the Scaling up framework. 
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  • Giles Slinger (Fledgerr & The Hague Tech): Giles will explain why it’s ok to use the S-word, even with investors. Stakeholders matter, how we talk about them, make laws about them, and incentivize them matters – to deliver to our purpose and to deliver value.
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  • Richard Maddocks (R&C Partners): As a writer of The Energy Book, Richard believes if you want to make impact, you have to take care of yourself first. First do well, before you do good. Richard will give us an energizer to boost our energy.
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    Go to his presentation

  • Geerke Versteeg (PHI Factory & The 2B Collective): As founder of PHI Factory & The 2B Collective she will share her ambition to inspire 2 billion individuals to activate SDGs by gamified learning and having fun. 
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