traits finder

Naam: Marco van Damme
Woonplaats: Wijk bij Duurstede
Organisatie: traits finder
Oplossing: unbiased recruitment en big5 personality profile met een AI chatbot.

1ste ronde; € 250.000,- marketing groeigeld, meerdere landen openen


Raised of € 250,000,-
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Dear Investor, challenger, reader..
It is with absolute pleasure that I introduce traits finder. I welcome you to take a moment to gain a sense of what traits finder is, our culture, and how we want to change the world.

Through the use of behavioural analytics, advanced Chatbot technology, and predictive tools that provide insights into the soft skills of candidates, our vision is set to make traits finder the b2b platform that provides insights and dashboards to employers and a tool that every employee wants and needs to interact with from the day they start a job to the day they retire.

Traits finder was conceived as a way to revamp the archaic recruitment and selection process through developing a software solution that centres around human behaviours and natural interactions. Our approach is to augment human capabilities with artificial intelligence while removing the need for unproductive processes, such as manual resume handling, Phone interviewing and job application forms.

This is only possible through today’s advancements in technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. We are proud to be showcasing traits finder at the upcoming world’s largest technology conference Web summit in Lisbon early December.

Our platform is a welcome change for organization in this highly fragmented market where no two players have a dominance in the market. McKinsey expects that by 2025 online talent platforms could add $2.7 trillion to global GDP, and begin to ameliorate many of the persistent problems in the world’s labour markets. For some, the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has meant furloughs and job losses; for others, it has meant expansion and hiring. In any case more weight is put in the scale to ensure good selections.

At this time where artificial intelligence will be affecting the lives of billions in the decades to come, we, as a team are unified in our desire to bring about positive change through the use of AI. We believe that technology must include people and reduce BIAS and provide them with the opportunity for gainful employment. This permeates in everything we do and every feature we consider to add to our Roadmap.

Our design considers how users with disabilities can better interact with our software to ensure no person is left behind. In our initial developments we have worked with the Australian Network on Disability, Pride in Diversity, and the Diversity council to ensure we will always provide an inclusive product. This is our most core and fundamental principle.

On behalf of the organisation, I look forward to welcoming you as a partner/stakeholder of traits finder.

Want to test our chatbot and receive your big5 personality assessment?


Technical roadmap
Optimalisaties 90%
Campagne 10%


* Academy live
* Onboarding live

* Present on Pharmacircuit

* Present on WebSummit

* Campaign

* Launcing partners

* Pitches en klanten 




* Speaking with Canada & US

* 2 t/m 4 december WebSummit

* 1 December Pre-Event Dutch Ambassy Lisbon

* 5 & 6 november Pharmacircuit

* October start first agent in Germany

* The Lokenbergs als sourcing partner for academy platform