We build and create a healthy and balanced eco-system for purpose driven ideas to make global impact. 



Focus and elicit value for People, teams, organizations, society and earth. 



On given all side equal attention and consideration and focus on making global impact and growth. Under the platform we have build a dashboard on crowd engagement, expansion and 72 metrics of epiphany for funding. The Pulse and mentoring gives full attention to the founders.


Of purpose driven start-ups, experts and inventors collaborate, contribute, share insights and ideas and energy to grow as function as an Exchange Network

The Principles


On this Platform we act, live and act according to the following principles; 

  • Feedback is always constructive and positive 

  • We challenge to grow 

  • We always talk about possibilities/ opportunities.

  • W have always the Value for the customer in mind

We believe in a world, where we live in Unity.
Where Innovation in our lives comes through Technology
but where life really is about Humanity.

Where we don’t just talk tò each other, we don’t just debate
but a world where everyone is unique, so we connect and communicate.

We strive to grow, change, and innovate.
We care for each other and create a better climate.

A place with likeminded People, in groups big or small, Where you can share thoughts, ideas, purpose, passion and interests. In this world we live in unity

We’re a growing Society. 

Stephan Bosman,
Boost your startup – the Exchange Networkz